Frequently asked questions

Here are the common questions asked about Selfit

When to use Selfit

Selfit can be used for a few different reasons. Firstly, we wanted to build a platform that people could use as an outfit discovery application. So in cases where you like an outfit and wonder where you can find something similar, Selfit is the best option; our discover the look feature makes it easy to find similar things to any outfits.

You could also use it to simply share your outfit photos and also in cases where you want to get a second hand opinion on a look, inside a fitting room or not. Lastly, deciding on buying an outfit or not? Selfit is the place to get crowsourced opinions on your looks.

How to use Selfit

Selfit is a very to use application. You can swipe right to like an outfit, swipe left to skip and also tap on any outfit photos to discover the look.

You can follow your friends and favorite fashion bloggers and we have a filter feature that allows you to choose what type of photos you want to see on your feed.

We also have a shopping section where you can find millions of products.

You can also find a quick how to video on the home page.

Why should bloggers use it?

Selfit is a great way for bloggers to promote their blogs, and also a great place for them to inspire people with their styles. It is also a great app for bloggers to help others dress with confidence.

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